10 Countries With The Selling Price Of The Car Is High

10 Countries With The Selling Price Of The Car Is High

the Price of the car in each and every country is definitely different. It’s all because of the taxation system and customs-customs other issued each country is also different. Not only that factors such as rising world oil prices also affect the selling price of the car can be increased.  from the results of the study top10n in the past year, the list of 10 countries which sell cars with high prices.


1. Singapore

In Singapore, if its citizens want to have a car then it is also required to have a certificate of ownership or so-called Certificate of Entitlement (COE). With the certificate means the owner of the car has the right of having and using a car in the past 10 years. the cost of the COE is quite high could reach 100 percent of the price of the car. Especially when the demand will be one of the models of the car quite a lot, the cost of the COE can be more than the price of the car itself. Requirements have a COE that is also quite complicated, then it makes Singapore be the country most expensive to have a car.

2. Malaysia

two Positions filled by the state which still also neighbors of Indonesia, namely Malaysia. If someone wants to own a car in Malaysia then he should prepare the cost of care until the tax is also high, In Neighboring Country, the price of the car international branded sale with prices higher than its own national. This is done to increase sales of local cars which also used some countries.

3. Indonesia

the selling Price of the car in Indonesia, touted as the highest number 3. Especially for luxury cars. As is known to have a luxury car in Indonesia means that you should have the money by the amount of that excess. All of it is caused by the tax imposed on luxury cars is higher. The cost of imported cars was quite high could reach 300 percent of the price of the car.

4. Nicaragua

Have a car in Nicaragua is one of the things that is risky there. Even a used car the owners also have a high cost. Not to mention the safety factor when someone is driving the car because usually those who have a car is the target of the criminals.

5. China

Booming car market in China actually counted still new, but growing very rapidly. Although growing rapidly, the selling price of the car there also not cheap to maintain so the streets weren’t too crowded.

6. Brazil

the Price of cars in Brazil is high because of several factors, namely the state tax, the salary of workers were high and the scarcity of raw materials. The price can be doubled if compared to the Mexican plus the cost of care.

7. English

the selling Price of the car in the Uk is high by 50 percent if compared with the price of the car in any country on the continent of blue. The high price of the car was because of the high standard of BSI set out by the Uk, the cost of insurance, and also the high exchange rate of the british Pound.

8. Saint Kitts and Nevis

Got the car in two countries located in the Caribbean archipelago that includes the high. The high price of the car was contributed from the high taxes of imported cars. If you want to settle there is better to borrow the car as a means of transportation. Or the second best option is relatively cheaper than buying a car.

9. North Korea

Car in North Korea is fairly rare, only among certain sajayang can have it. If a person has a positions in a political party they can buy branded car Pweonghwa. But buying spare parts is also difficult and could even exposed to sanctions.

10. Cuba

In Cuba, car sales are still done with the practice of monopolii. That is why the car was there for sale with a pretty high price.

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