10 Largest Country And The Largest In The World

10 Largest Country And The Largest In The World

we know the state is a form of the unity of the community on a particular territory are proclaimed as a country and have a system of government in it. The state is responsible for all citizens residing on its territory, talking about the territory of a state would be an interesting thing because the area of each state would be different.

Well, in this opportunity we will find out which state has the most area. The vast territory is a feature that they are a great nation.
10 Largest Country and the Largest in the World.

Here are 10 of the Country’s Largest and Widest in the World

1. Russia


The Russian state has the largest area in the world, namely 17.075.200 sq. km. The country is a thousand cities in Moscow, the national language is Rusian. Russia is located in the continent of Europe the east and bordering with the Asian continent.

2. Canada

The second position is occupied by the country of Canada with an area of 9.976.140 sq. km. The country is located in parts of the American continent north and thousands of cities in Toronto. The national language is English and famous in the country is the CN Tower.

3. The United States

This country is a Superpower in the world, the United States has a wide area 9.629.091 square km and thousands of cities in Washington D. C. the Country is very advanced in all fields and is one of the famous film industry of Hollywood.

4. China

The country is located in the Asia continent with a total area of 9.596.960 sq km and also has the largest population in the world. China is one of the developed countries in the Asian region, the country is a thousand cities in Beijing.

5. Brazil

Brazil is a country located in Latin America with a wide area of 8.511.965 sq. km. This country has the largest forest in the world, namely the Amazon forest and the longest river is the river Amazon. This country is famous for his football, the star of the green such as Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho was born here. Brazil also successfully held the World Cup in 2014.

6. Australia

Australia is actually the smallest continent in the world with a total area of 7.686.850 sq. km. The natives in this country are the Aborigines of the famous with the weapon Boomerang.

7. India

The largest country next is India which has an area of 3.287.590 sq. km. India thousands of cities in New Delhi, and famous in this country is the building of the Taj Mahal and the Bollywood film industry.

8. Argentina

Argentina belongs to the countries of Latin America with a wide area of 2.766.890 sq. km. Argentina thousands of the city of Buenos Aires and famous with the beauty of the population female, the same as Brazil the country is also famous for football.

9. Kazakhstan

This country is a fraction of the Ussr which proclaimed its independence on 16 December 1991.

10. Algeria

And the latter in the position of the 10 largest countries is Algeria, also known as Algeria. The country is located in the continent of Africa with the majority of the population are Muslims.
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