10 List Of Countries Most Friendly In The World
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10 List Of Countries Most Friendly In The World

one of the ways of promoting tourism in a country with the population of the country welcomes to the newcomers who visit the country. Reported by Rough Guides, one of the webs presents a guide to traveling to foreign countries for the traveler, the tenth of the following countries is a country that is comfortable to visit because of its friendly and lightweight hand.

Following the results of the survey is the tenth state which has been summarized:


10. Bolivia

Countries in South America bordered by Brazil this is a country producer of cocoa and tin are the largest in the world. The culture of Bolivia has a lot of influence in Inka, Aymara and the influence of the local other in religious, music, and clothing. Cultural diversity not in spite of the citizens are very friendly. Available could great Festival in Oruro usual attracts the attention of travelers called “El Carnaval de Oruro”. Due to the friendliness of the culture, Bolivia entered into the tenth rank in the list of countries with the inhabitants most friendly.

9. Finland

With a population that is quite a bit compared to countries in continental Europe, Finland is becoming one of the ten countries with the inhabitants most friendly. Due to the culture that a lot of contact with America, Asia and even Africa, the population in Finland is more open to a variety of people outside the entrance to his country.

8. Myanmar

the Citizens of Myanmar are very cheap smile and easily made friends with anyone. They were very happy to meet new people. Many tourists who impressed and feel warm with their hospitality.

7. Kenya

With its hospitality, Kenya is a country that became a home for many immigrants from countries such as Europe, Arabia, India, and Pakistan. A country that has 40 ethnic groups it has 3 different languages.

6. Indonesia

With the status of a country with a population the fourth most populous in the world, the State of Indonesia beloved we this does have a hallmark with its friendly-friendly. Why not, local and foreign tourists will feel very helped by the Indonesian citizens who are easy to talk to if traveling around Indonesia. From multiple experiences of the travelers were citizens of Indonesia, including a very cheap smile. You were one of them isn’t it?

5. Japan

a country that is famous for the beauty of the women commonly wears a kimono, it turned out also known as hospitality its citizens. Local residents in Japan are known to be very helpful. So you don’t need to worry if you want to travel alone in this country!

4. Colombia

Countries that are in parts of South America this has improved the security system and its environment to support tourism. View the wah will be presented in Colombia and the warmth of the residents of local. The beaches in Colombia are still a lot of unspoiled too!

3. Uganda

Uganda is famous for a wide variety of animals living in their natural habitat that is still very good. As a tourist or foreign travelers, we will be presented with a variety of dances if you visit here. Dance is one of the things that is very mandatory for each ceremony and celebration is important in Uganda.

2. India

As the world’s oldest civilizations, India has a culture that is very diverse. If you visit the big cities in India like Delhi and Mumbai, we can be sure you will get acquainted with new people every minute of it. Wherever you go, many local residents that will make you acquainted, or just shake hands and take pictures together. Questions such as “Do you have a lover?” to ” How much is your salary?” will often you hear every time get acquainted with new people. It is a natural thing that is owned by the inhabitants of the friendliest in the world.

1. Ethiopia

beautiful Country with an extraordinary population in East Africa. With the capital of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia has an amazing history to view yag amazing. The beauty of this country was not far from the inhabitants are very friendly so as to make the tourists happy to visit this country.

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