10 Oldest Countries In The World That Still Exists Since First Formed

10 Oldest Countries In The World That Still Exists Since First Formed

the oldest Countries in the world – There are many countries in the world that recognized outbreaks of these and scattered in many continents, both Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. Every country has an independence day and first established in the different periods is also different.

when viewed from the first formation, there are some countries that have been created for thousands of years before christ though. Referred to make is not the first free, but first, have a system of government that is recognized.

The general government in the ancient period shaped the empire or the kingdom. The countries oldest is known as a country that introduced civilization and system of government, for example, is Greece, China, Egypt, and Iran/Persia.

of Course, the oldest countries in the world centered on the continents of Asia, Europe and Africa (so-called Afro Eurasia) are known as Old World in the ancient period, is inversely proportional to the American continent known as New World and gres found obsolete after 3 continents.

the 10 Oldest Countries in the World

below is a list of the 10 oldest countries in the world along with the issues and a description of the first year of the time of the formation since the first.


1. Greece

Year created : 3200 BC
Continent : Europe
Capital : Athens

Greece became the oldest countries in the world. The Greek civilization has been found since the year 3200 Bc and became the forerunner of the civilization of other European countries. Greek also became the first country to adopt a system of democracy.

2. Egypt

Year created : 3150 BC
Continent : Africa
Capital : Cairo

3. China

Year created : 2070 SM
Continent : Asia
Capital : Beijing

China become the oldest countries in Asia. It is able to be seen from the formation of China since the year 2070 Bc. Surely the country with the largest population in the world is experiencing several times the turn of the dynasties to become the form of the People’s Republic of China is like now this.

4. India

Year created : 1500 BC
Continent : Asia
Capital : New Delhi

5. Portugal

Year created : 1139 SM
Continent : Europe
Capital : Lisbon

Portugal ranks fifth oldest countries in the world. This country has been formed since the year 1139 Ad. Its capital is Lisbon, which already became the center of the state of Portugal since the first. The country of Portugal still has a limit-the limit of stable region up to now.

6. Ethiopia

Year created : 980 SM
Continent : Africa
Capital : Addis Ababa

7. France

Year created: 843 BC
Continent: Europe
Capital: Paris

France is known as one of the countries most visited by many tourists every year, especially it’s capital the city of Paris. France formed since the year 843 Bc in the Empire of the Holy Roman Charlemagne.

8. Armenia

Year created: 782 BC
Continent: Europe
Capital: Yerevan

unexpectedly, Armenia is also in the category of the oldest countries in the world. Armenia was formed since the year 782 Bc. This country is known to have a lot of the population of multiethnic, ever since it was first founded.

9. Japan

Year created: 660 BC
Continent: Asia
Capital: Tokyo

Japan first formed in the year 660 Bc during the time of Imperial Jimmu. Although a lot of that kind of assume that the Emperor Jimmu was a myth, the date of 11 February is celebrated as a national day to commemorate

10. Iran

Year created: 550 BC
Continent: Asia
Capital: Tehran

Lastly, there is the country of Iran, one of the Asian countries that were formed since the year 550 Bc. Ancient Iran knew with the name of the Persian Gulf. The Persians first led by Cyrus II founded the Persian Empire.

Well then issue a list of the 10 oldest countries in the world according to the year establishment. The preparation of the list is not based on the time of its independence, but according to the rise of civilization in the country concerned since ancient times.

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