The Poorest Countries In Africa The Latest And Most Complete

The Poorest Countries In Africa The Latest And Most Complete

Africa is one Continent that is believed to be the poorest continent in the world, compared with the continent-continent which is known as the rich. Like continental Europe, America, Asia, and Australia. The reason the continent of Africa being the poorest continent because of HR (Human Resources) it has believed have not been able to manage SDA (Natural Resources) that exist.

the Poorest Countries in Africa

the Poorest Countries in Africa

the Term that is emphasized in category state poorest inĀ Africa is referred to like the results of the per Capita of the Population in Countries in the African continent every year. Of course, the result of this prejudice than the SDA (Natural Resources), which is owned by Africa as there is the Largest Gold Mine in the world.

of the Poorest Countries in Africa,

the Following is a number of countries recognized as the poorest countries, particularly in the African Continent.

Country Somalia

the Region became the poorest in Africa, even the poorest in the world is the Country of Somalia. The country became a poor country because of the continuous warfare is detrimental to the whole aspect of the economy does not develop.


The data shows that Somalia is the poorest country, with the income of the society only reached 400 U.S. dollars of the 140 Million Inhabitants that is owned by a Somali.

CAR (Central African Republic)

the poorest countries on the African continent next is the State of the Central African Republic, which is actually this country has many natural resources potential developed, but because of the civil war continuously lead this country into a failed state in managing the natural resources it holds.

Even the Central African Republic became the country with the lowest Human Development of the 188 countries in the world. The Central African nation also only has an income of about 684 Dollars of the total population of that himself.

Country of Burundi

the Facts in the data show that the poorest countries in the world next are the Country of Burundi where the state is often in the land role between ethnic groups on the territory of the country, finally the various aspects of failure there are in these countries. the Country of Burundi itself is located in the African Great Lakes which has only about 800 Dollars in a year of income Clean received from a country.

the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

the poorest countries in the world next are the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), which became the cause of the country became a poor country in Africa because of the failure of the government, for example, the policy of planting agricultural rubber ever done and remind community in landa with poverty. the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) itself only has an income of about 800 United States Dollars each year.


the poorest country in the continent of Africa next is the Country of Liberia which is the beginning of the independence of the country does not get recognition from the United States. But in 1847 the British finally acknowledge the independence of Country Liberia. the Causes of poverty in the region-the territory of Liberia any one of them because of the war with the military government, the military issued options do not believe because of lanataran corrupt government. Greetings current problem in the country of Liberia is not yet resolved perfectly.

Data Poorest Countries in Africa

in addition to the countries above, the region of the country in the Continent of Africa and Into the Poorest Countries, among others are as follows;

– Country of Malawi
– The Country Of Madagascar
– The Country Of Togo
– State Of Ethiopia
– The Country Of Guinea
– Mozambique
– State Of Guinea-Bissau
– The Country Of Comoros
– The Country Of Rwanda
– Country Of Mali
Countries Burkina Faso

the Cause-the Cause of the Poorest Countries in Africa bank found a variety of aspects, in addition to management of natural resources is not maximized, other aspects are as follows;

1. The war, it became one of the causes of the existence of poverty in the Countries of the African Continent
2. Corruption, this problem is also triggering the presence of the state in Africa can not develop

So at least the writing of the Poorest Countries in Africa. Hopefully with this paper can add to the insight and also knowledge of the reader about the poorer countries in the world, especially in the African Continent.

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