4 Countries Feared The United States

4 Countries Feared The United States

Superpower is a country-a country that has the most power in this world. Since the occurrence of War World war I and World War II there were two countries known as the Superpower the second country is the United States (often referred to as Country Allies) and the Soviet Union.

But, because the Soviet Union was already torn to pieces into some new state, then its powers become a little reduced, and now Russia’s continuing power of the Soviet Union (most of the area of the former Soviet Union exists in Russia). So, at this time the United States was the only Superpower. But the Superpower turns out to have the fear too, against other countries, who are these countries and why Americans are afraid of them??

1. North Korea

North Korea

The North Korean military has indeed become a frightening specter for America. The North Korean military is a Military with members of the 4th largest in the World and spends a larger portion of its GDP to the military budget than any other country. Also with the existence of secret nuclear weapons they are not recorded by the united nations.

2. Iran

If this one it’s easy to see why Americans fear Iran. The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, threatened to wipe Israel off the map and declared the United States is the real mastermind behind 9/11. And to this day Americans still give full attention to the action and speech of Ahmadinejad. That is why Ahmadinejad still be a very influential figure within the ranks of the eternal enemies of the US.

Although the annual budget of the military they are $ 9M, that put them in order such as Greece and Australia. Their nuclear forces is something that could be a serious threat, so serious until a CIA agent hands down to kill some of the nuclear experts of Iran.

3. China

According to The New York Post, America already owes so much on China so China can destroy the American economy any time they want. The Media tends to portray America as a loser and China as a brother-in-law who continues to lend money.

Although China still depends on the U.S. and there is also the assumption if they decide to pull the pedestal of the economy in the United States, they will also drop it’s economy own because of so many Chinese markets in the US. Excellence in the field of education, China remote start beating the United States in educating children, they even produce college graduates more than America.

4. Russia

Russia has naval weapons m the most in the World, namely, a number 79.985 and 22,800 of them are Tanks. Russia has a total of 526 war machine of the navy and of 3.888 at the air force.

the Strength of Russia is not as powerful as its predecessor (the Soviet Union) that has a lot of the Mother Ship, now Russia has only Admiral Kuznetsov the only aircraft carrier belonging to the Russian and most Alutsistanya is a relic of the Soviet era. Slowly under the command of Vladimir Putin, Russia’s pursuit of the title “Superpower” them back.

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