5 Countries In The World With The Celebration Of The New Year Spectacular
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5 Countries In The World With The Celebration Of The New Year Spectacular

To welcome the turn of the year, many countries held a festive celebration. Fireworks and music concerts are some of the traditions that often done. Even so, there are some countries that have a new year’s celebration the most spectacular. Roughly what the festivities are done? Let’s find out in the following article!

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Every year, Edinburgh staged the event for three days to celebrate the new year since December 30. Last year, there are about 148.000 people from 70 countries who came to attend the event. A variety of music concerts and art also held that the occasion of this new year the more the merrier. On the 31st of December, people will gather and walk down the street while singing a song titled Auld Lang Syne. Furthermore, they will be partying until midnight arrived. The turn of the year will be marked by a sparkling 4.5 tons of fireworks that will decorate the scenery on the top of the Castle of Edinburgh.

Sydney, Australia

There are two reasons that make Sydney should be a city during the celebration of the new year. First, the geographical location that makes Sydney have the most time faster than other cities, so be the first city to celebrate the new year. Second, Sydney always turn on the biggest fireworks in the world. don’t forget, the attractions of a fountain in the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House will add to the excitement. More than a million people attended this new year celebration. In addition to the attractions of the fountain, the celebration also featured the ceremony of the Aborigines are believed to be able to rid yourself of evil spirits. The goal is that the citizens of Australia can welcome the new year with a self that is “new” also.

Tokyo, Japan

Every new year, Japanese people have a tradition called hatsumode festivity, where local residents visiting the temple and the temple for the first time in the new year. After the bell in the temple rang a total of 108 times in the middle of the night, all the citizens would gather in the various temples and shrines scattered in various cities to welcome the turn of the year. one of the spots most popular for organizing a new year’s tradition is the Zojoji Temple, a Buddhist temple located in the Shiba park, Tokyo. You can join local residents to celebrate the unique traditions of the.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

New year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro centered on the Copacabana Beach. Every year, there are about two million people from various countries who participated in this event. Usually, the celebration will begin at around 20:00 opened by performances of Samba music typical of Brazil to rock music. Not to forget, the launch of the colorful fireworks also lights up the turn of the year. To attend the celebrations in Copacabana Beach, everyone should be wearing white-colored clothes because it is believed will bring good luck. At the turn of the year, people will deploy a variety of flowers into the sea as a form of gift to the Goddess of the Sea Yemanja.

New Orleans, United States

The main event of the celebration of the new year in New Orleans is fireworks show that lasts 15 minutes on the Mississippi River. After that, the emblem of the Fleur de Lis large will be dropped from the roof of the building Jax Brewery in the heart of Jackson Square. the Celebration doesn’t stop there, people will be walking hand in hand toward Bourbon Street and the Latin Quarter. A variety of music will also continue playing in the bars and night clubs. The festive mood would last until the early hours.

the Turn of the year is regarded as a special moment. Hence, it is natural if many countries in the world celebrate this event royally. Of the five countries with the new year the most festive of these, which one most attracts you? Talk about the new year, do you have any plans to spend the holiday end of the year?

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