5 Countries On The African Continent The Most Sought After Tourist
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5 Countries On The African Continent The Most Sought After Tourist

What is pictured in the minds of Companions Silir if suddenly invited to a holiday to the African Continent? Maybe you will be instantly prejudiced, imagine in Africa there are savannas and wild beasts. Or even think of tourism in Africa is not as popular as it is.

throw away all these prejudices. In addition to being a tourist destination safari the main, it turns out Africa also has a variety of interesting tourist destinations. Some countries in the African Continent don’t lose a lot of potential natural attractions in the world. Thanks to this, tourist visits to the Continent of Africa was never lonely.

Well, add inspiration holiday Companions Silir, the following 5 countries in the African Continent the most sought after tourist. Who knows, with a visit to the African Continent, you will find a natural paradise that is still a virgin.



Morocco is a country of the most popular on the African Continent. According to the record tourism in 2013, Morocco received tourist visits reached more than 10 million people. This figure is increasing as the year with the visit of the most centralized in the City of Marrakech and Agadir.

Have a lot of desert areas don’t necessarily make Morocco become arid. On the contrary, the country is very fertile with a variety of spectacular nature views.

South Africa

Became the most developed country in the African Continent, South Africa overshadow the many areas of modern cities, wonderful national parks, as well as the coastline and stunning. Don’t be surprised if it necessarily make the country at the tip of the horn of the African Continent is becoming the main destination of the tourists.

Each year, no less than 9 million people visit to this country. The foreign tourists usually eyeing point-a popular point around Table Mountain in Cape Town to relax and enjoy the cool air.


Tunisia occupies the 3rd position as a country in the Continent of Africa most in demand rutis. Every year, a country situated at the northern tip of the African Continent is visited by about 6 million foreign tourists.

Tunisia has a strategic location, directly facing the Sea Mediteriania. Thanks to this, the climate in this country, including a pretty cool right region in Greece. Not only the climate that is similar, but Tunisia also has the face of a coastal city similar to the City of Santorini in Greece, the man they call Sidi Bou Said.


Who does not know Egypt? One of the countries in North Africa is always a priority holiday location for travelers from all over the world. According to the records of ForwardKeys, during the year 2017, Egypt accounted for about 13% of visits to international tourism to the African Continent.

the Country thousands of years old is indeed always interesting to discover. Starting from the Pyramida of Giza, the famous buildings of the historic mosques in Cairo, the whole is always crowded with tourists from different parts of the world.


Algeria is one of the largest country on the African Continent. For approximately 150 years, this country never became part of the territory of French colonies in Africa. Therefore, several cities in Algeria has a European feel that is quite thick.

Thanks to the richness of nature and its history, Algeria has always appeared to be part of the big 5 countries in the African Continent that is most in-demand tourist. Every year, at least there are about 2-3 million tourist arrivals.

Interesting is not the moment to imagine the streets of 5 countries in the African Continent the most desirable tourists in the. For my Silir lover of adventures of nature at once admirers of the buildings of the exotic, a vacation to the African Continent it feels like to be the most appropriate option.

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