5 Creatures A Vampire In The Real World

5 Creatures A Vampire In The Real World

these delicate Creatures tend to be close with the horror and scary things other that up to now still so the scourge of many people. The suggestion itself actually appears thanks to the film horror film, which mostly displays the image of the ‘horror’ in creatures such as Zombies, Gendruwo, Pocong, Demons, and stuff like that. Interestingly, there is one figure of these delicate creatures that even considered cool and so are the idol of many people, though. Yes, since the movie TWILIGHT appeared some time ago, the Vampire seemed to lose the aura of spooky because of his portrayed by a handsome actor, Robert Pattinson.

Here are 5 Creature of the Vampire is the Most Terrible In the Real World :

1. Blood-Sucking bat

the King of the vampires of the real world in the area of South America. The shape is a bat, but like most, the species called the Vampire Bat this one really hooked suck the blood of their prey. As reported by the site Viralnova, Vampire Bat most prefers prey on the blood of birds. But there are also some unique species that are fond of blood sucking creatures of the mammal and the human.

Not enough with the fact that was the horror, the Vampire Bat also produce the possibility of transmitting rabies to their prey. In Peru, there were three victims of a small child who died after they were exposed to the bite of such creatures. After the autopsy, it turns out that the three that poor boy died because of rabies. Although the possibility of rabies was small, still, you have to be wary if you have plans to visit the South American Continent.

2. Vampire in the World of Birds

Never heard of the island of Galapagos? Yes, a remote island in the area of Ecuador it has a lot of mysteries related to the creatures that still not much is known of his identity. One of the most famous of the island itself is the number of species of finches. Among them appears the name of the Vampire Finch. Though her body is small they are known to be very cruel.

their Prey is other birds that are usually larger sized. How to prey is quite unique. They quietly move to the back of the prey before sucking the blood of prey on his back slowly but surely.

3. The Blood suckers in the Sea

Not only in the air, but the water is also inhabited by vicious creatures of this terrible. His name is candiru fish, again many found in the area of the South American Continent. The shape is indeed small, but these creatures often prey on other sea animals that are bigger, of course, to suck their blood slowly.

On one occasion, the experiment was also carried out to find out what kah Candiru Fish also eyeing the human blood. The result is terrible. Fish the Without mercy menggiti the blood of the researchers and suck the blood on his fingers.

4. Blood-sucking Mosquitoes

Mosquito is a great enemy of the entire mankind of the world. This little guy often is everywhere and annoying humans with the bite sucking the blood that makes the emotion. Discuss the mosquitoes have been too unusual, do you know if there are other species called Mosquito Bloodsucker? Yes, this species is an animal sucking the blood of your fellow mosquitoes!

Worse, type this one brought a plague of disease also loh. When sucking blood from a mosquito prey, he also transmits virus diseases such as malaria. As a result, the prey was going to be the disseminator of malaria to humans.

5. Eel Sharp Toothed and More

Ever heard of the Lamprey? If not you should be ready to get acquainted with one of the animals that are considered to be the most sinister in the world. The Lamprey is a sea creature that had a sighting like an eel but sharp-toothed. Not enough with the appearance of these hideous, this animal is also a blood-sucking horrible and aggressive.

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