5 Primate Rare Origin Central America Which Is Really Unique

5 Primate Rare Origin Central America Which Is Really Unique

Central America is indeed one of the areas that have tropical rain forests are quite dense and still relatively natural and of course, there is a variety of endemic animal native of this area. One of the endemic wildlife of Central America, a variety of primates where they are classified as New World monkeys.

in addition, there are several types of primates that fit in the categories of endangered and status in danger. Then the following are some primates unique original from Central America that are rarely encountered and endangered species that must be preserved.

1. Central American squirrel monkey

Central American squirrel monkey

Central American squirrel monkey or also called the red-backed squirrel monkey to be a type of primate endemic of the Pacific coastal border of the country of Costa Rica and Panama. These monkeys belong to the genus Saimiri or squirrel monkey found only in the American Continent, but the difference of the squirrel monkey other on his face that is colored black and white back colored in orange.

the Macaque Latin name Saimiri oerstedii is included in the category of threatened, as well as an animal-eater all in the form of fruits and also animals small invertebrates.

2. Coiba Island howler

Coiba Island howler into one type of monkey that is endemic of the Island of Coiba, which is located in the south of Panama. The island is also used as a National Park since 1992, to enter in the Website of UNESCO’s Culture that is known for its diverse flora and fauna. a Monkey named latin Alouatta coibensis this to be one animal that holds the status of threatened, due to habitat loss due to deforestation and environmental damage that cause population decreases.

3. Guatemalan black howler

then there is the Guatemalan black howler, which can be found in the heart of the Yucatan Peninsula, precisely in the countries of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. A monkey named Latin Alouatta pigra includes the monkey in the American Continent, which has a length of 64 cm the average weight of 11.4 kg. these Primates live in groups in the forest, which feed on the foliage and fruit. However, this animal is in danger, because of the number of illegal logging resulting in habitat loss, as well as the wild hunt.

4. Geoffroy’s spider monkey

Often also referred to as black-handed spider monkey, Geoffroy’s spider monkey to be one of the genus of spider monkeys found only in the American Continent. Endemic animals of Central America, ranging from southern Mexico up to a small region of Colombia belong to the category of monkey rare that enter the category in danger. Monkey species consists of five subspecies which are distinguished based on the characteristics and the DNA, in addition to animals also live in groups that include 20 individual.

5. Black-headed spider monkey

the Black-headed spider monkey is a species of spider monkeys that live in Central America and South America, covering the countries of Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Apes Latin name Ateles fusciceps has a long tail that is used to help to swing in a tree and consists of two subspecies. This monkey is in the category of in danger because of habitat destruction in the wild, despite that these apes are able to live for 24 years.

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