5 The Fact Of Time Zones In Antarctica, The Coldest Continent In The World

5 The Fact Of Time Zones In Antarctica, The Coldest Continent In The World

Antarctica is the continent’s most south which occupies an area of 5.4 million square miles. About 98 percent of the continent is covered in ice that can reach a thickness of up to 6200 feet. This continent is a continent coldest, driest, and windiest.

Reporting from worldatlas.com, it is difficult to determine the appropriate time zone in Antarctica. This happens because the continent of Antarctica is located in the longitudinal line of the south pole. When viewed theoretically, the continent is to meet all time zones. To that end, the following facts of the division of the time zone that applies in Antarctica.

1. Zone Land Palmer

Zone Mac. Robertson Land

Land Palmer is a region in Antarctica that lies between Cape Agassiz and Cape Jeremy. According to the agreement of the Advisory Committee Name Antarctica (ACAN) and the committee on place-names in England, this land was given the name Palmer Land. Station Palmer uses the time zone of summer Chile. This time zone makes the Land Palmer has the time 3 hours earlier than the standard Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

2. Zone Mac. Robertson Land

the Territory of Mac. Robertson Land located between the southern part of the beach in Antarctica. This land is divantara Cape Darnley and William Scoresby Bay. There are mountains and Prince Charles are included in this region. In this zone, Mac. Robertson Land entered in the time zone of Mawson different 5 hours from UTC.

3. Wilkes Land

Wilkes Land is a large district located in the eastern part of Antarctica. This region never claimed to have Australia because it is close to the territory of the country. There are two different time zones here. Station Davis uses the time zone of Davis different 7 hours from UTC, while the Station Casey uses the time zone of Casey is different to 11 hours from UTC. Some coastal areas such as Clarie Land, Banzara Land, Sabrina Land, Budd Land and Knox Land in this area.

4. Zone Queen Maud Land

Queen Maud Land entered in the territorial area of Norway. This region stretches an area of 1.04 million miles around Antarctica. More precisely located between the antarctic region section Australia and the Uk. Its strategic location makes the Queen Maud Land has a time zone follows the region of Europe. Station Troll uses the time zone of Europe with the time difference is 6 hours from the UTC time zone.

5. Other time zones

other time Zones in Antarctica have a difference in time zones that follow the regional territory. Station, Mario Zuchelli uses the time zone of New Zealand are thirteen hours ahead of UTC. Different Station Vosvok that uses a time zone 6 hours earlier than UTC. In addition, there is also a Base Carlini using time Argentina different 3 hours from the UTC time zone. the Overall time zone in Antarctica is tailored to the territorial area of each region. It is proved that it is difficult to determine the timeliness of special to the Antarctic.

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