5 Unique Animals That Exist In The Atacama Desert, South America
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5 Unique Animals That Exist In The Atacama Desert, South America

the Atacama Desert located on the Continent of South America within the countries of Chile, Peru, Bolivia, and part of Argentina. The desert in the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth, where rainfall is very low compared to other places in South America. Therefore, certainly, not all animals and plants can live in the area. However, there is some type of animal that has a natural habitat in the Atacama Desert.

Sure, the animals that habitat in the Atacama Desert it has good adaptability so that it is able to stay in the heart of the desert the driest in the world.

1. Salt Flat Lizard

Salt Flat Lizard

the Salt Flat Lizard is the native animals of the Atacama Desert, which is where the lizard is able to survive in dry weather in this area. Animals named Latin Liolaemus Fabiani also live in an area with an elevation of more than 2,500 meters above sea level and is found in the Atacama Desert which is in the country of Chile. While the main food of these lizards are insects and have to eat a lot of insects to meet the needs of water in the body.

2. Atacama toad

Atacama toad is a frog the habitat of the original in the Atacama Desert entered the territory of the country of Chile, which between Paposo, Antofagasta and Las Chicas, Valparaiso. These frogs generally live near the waters of permanent and oasis there in the desert. However, the frog population is decreased, because the climate is getting dry and are threatened by the pollution that is getting spread around the Atacama Desert.

3. Chilean woodstar

Chilean woodstar is a bird that has the main habitat in the Atacama Desert that goes in the territory of the state of Chile and Peru. These birds live in the area to elevations of 700 meters and sometimes living in areas with an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. the main Food of these birds is nectar from the flowers and plants that can survive in the desert. While the animal is entered in the status in danger due to habitat loss and competition with other birds.

4. Humboldt Penguin

the Humboldt Penguin is one of the birds that live in the Atacama Desert on the coast are entered in the territory of the state of Peru and Chile. This Penguin has a medium size, with a length of 56-70 cm and a weight of 3.6-5.9 kg, and has a white color with a black outline. the Population of the penguins is increasingly reduced and in the category of threatened due to the exploitation of the fish exaggerated, climate change and the reduction of the acidity of seawater.

5. Taruca

Last, there are Taruca or north Andean deer that became the native animals of the Atacama Desert that goes in the countries of Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. This deer is in the category of endangered and has a length of between 128-146 cm with a weight of 69-80 kg. Despite living in the grassland area but the main food is small-leaved plants that exist in the surrounding desert.

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