Animal Quarantine Singapore When Moving With Your Dog

Animal Quarantine Singapore When Moving With Your Dog

There are many reasons why you may decide to go to Singapore. This country is a growing economy that is favorable to investors. Tourists love Singapore vacations because they are affordable and have some of the best sites to visit and enjoy. If you are moving to this country and you own a pet, it is important to understand the animal quarantine Singapore rules to ensure smooth transition for your pet. Dogs entering Singapore must be inspected before they reach the country.

The Pet Quarantine Booking For Moving To Singapore

As soon as you know that you are going to Singapore and you have a pet, the first thing that you need to do is book for quarantine. Pet owners are encouraged to book in advance to avoid disappointments because the spaces fill up quickly. Booking at least several months in advance is advisable. To book for quarantine, you need to visit the quarantine website and book online.

Before you booking is accepted, there are certain records that you need to have:

  • Documents to prove that you are indeed the pet owner
  • Vaccination documents to prove that the dog has been vaccinated especially from rabies.

The Pet Quarantine Booking For Moving To Singapore

Upon acceptance, you will need to pay charges for transportation and vaccination. Even though dogs are usually vaccinated against rabies before traveling, dogs are vaccinated again when they reach Singapore. Special quarantine fees are also mandatory to cater for upkeep and veterinarian visits.

Will The Pet Be Accompanied Or Travel Alone As Cargo?

There are two ways that dogs can enter Singapore. Firstly, you can travel with them on the plane. Dogs such as Chihuahuas that do not take a lot of space on the airplane can be carried on the lap or put under the seat when they are tired. The pet will be checked like any other person at security before he or she boards the flight. Unaccompanied dogs are those that are led to travel as part of the cargo. As soon as the pet reaches the destination, he or she will be taken for quarantine. At the quarantine station, the dog will be inspected to assess whether he or she is healthy.

What Happens When The Pet Reaches Singapore?

As soon as your pet reaches Singapore, the quarantine officials will pick up the pet and lead him to the quarantine station. The dog will then be vaccinated from rabies and other important vaccines. Generally, the dog will take about a month in quarantine. During this time, you will be advised to schedule visits to see your dog and feed him. There are certain dogs that will not sleep until the owner is around. It is therefore important to visit your pet as often as you can. Walking the dog is allowed when it has been cleared of rabies and other vaccines. Quarantine workers request pet owners to organize visits when they are not available. When pets are neglected, they feel unloved. This can make them depressed and in other cases, violent.

Being away from your pet for weeks can take a toll in your life too especially if you have never been apart. Indeed the quarantine does last for a month. The best thing about quarantine stations is the fact that they allow you to visit your pet every day and spend time with him or her. Pets are well taken care of during quarantine. They are kept in clean surroundings and fed on a consistent basis. If your pet requires special diet, it is important to notify the quarantine station so that the diet is provided for as soon as the pet arrives for quarantine. In the end, you can rest assured that you will be reunited with your pet in the end.