Area Of The Continent Of Australia To Achieve 7.686.848 Km2

Area Of The Continent Of Australia To Achieve 7.686.848 Km2

Based on the layout of the astronomy, the continent of Asia located between 11°N – 85°N AND 25°E – 170°LONGITUDE. Area of the continent of Asia less more 44.000.936 km2. Indonesia is a country found in the continent of Asia. The continent of Asia and Bunua Europe actually became one. Therefore, often people call the continent of Asia and continental Europe as the continent of Eurasia. As for the Urals and the Caspian sea.

the Continent of Asia is divided into five essential areas that are divided based on the region geographic, namely the region of southeast Asia, east Asia, South Asia, West Asia, and central Asia.


1. Australia

Australia in addition to as a continent is also a sovereign state, and member of the commonwealth or dominion of the british empire.Ibuk city of Australia in Canberra. The head of state is the queen of England, while the head of government is a prime minister. Australia consists of six states and in daerahTerritorial. Based on the layout of the astronomy. The Australian continent is situated on the southeast of Indonesia, precisely between 10°S – 43°S and 113°E 155°E. The continent of Australia located southern hemisphere. Area of the continent of Australia to achieve 7.686.848 km2. To the east of the Australian continent is no longer a country of islands, i.e. state Zealandia new

2. New Zealand

a Form of government new Zealand is a monarchy constitutional. The layout of New Zealand is located in the east of the Australian continent. This country is an archipelago located in the pacific ocean. Its area is about 269. 057 km2. It’s capital at wellington. The population of New Zealand is a Christian and a roman catholic. The official language is English and the Maori language. A large part of the population is descendants of immigrants from the UK. The population of the original is to be Maori. New Zealand’s currency is the New Zealand dollar. The eyes of the search the population of New Zealand is raising sheep, cows, and other farm animals. Beef and sheep fur to be material expo which is the main. new Zealand including developing countries with economic growth rates that rival southern Europe in a few plant’s economic rival southern Europe in some ways. All crops for export are a mainstay of the main economy in this country, so the impact of the world economy will impact directly on the economic condition of the country.

B. the Continent of Africa

the African Continent is one of the continents at the equator. Africa is the second-largest continent in the world’s second-most populous after Asia. With a vast archipelago 30.224.050 km2, Africa is the place for one-seventh of the world’s population. It is located between 37°N – 34°AND 17°W – 51°BT. The African continent is divided into three regions, namely southern Africa, central Africa, and North Africa.

C. the European Continent

The layout of the European continent located to the west of the Asian continent, namely in between the lines 35°N – 71°N AND 9°W – 60°BT. Thus, the European continent located in the far north of the equator. Area of continent Europe around 10.90.000 km2.

the Continent of Europe is divided into four parts, namely eastern Europe, southern Europe, western Europe, and northern Europe.

D. the American Continent

the Inventor of the American continent was Christopher Columbus who came from Italy, in the year 1492. The American continent is located between 72°N – 59°S AND 36° – 163°BB. The breadth of reach 42.188.568 km2. The American continent is the largest continent third-largest by area, following Asia and Africa, and the fourth by population after Asia, Africa, and Europe. The American continent is a continent in the world that refers to the mainland region in between the pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean.

the Boundaries of the American continent, the namely northern boundary with the arctic sea and the island of Greenland, next eastern boundary with the Atlantic ocean, the south by the pacific ocean South, and bordering the western side of the Bering strait, the pacific ocean. The American continent consists of North America, Central America, and South America or Latin America.

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